Yeah, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I shall fear no evil...

My fears (see "Threats and Fear" in Fear, Anxiety, And Worry section) are ultimately linked to my survival instinct. 

But my survival instinct is linked to an antiquated system that gives more danger signals than are needed for actual survival - only physical dangers to life and limb are legitimate fears (i.e. signals in the body to act) and all others are "made-up" and carried out by the primitive brain. 

Accordingly, I must make a decision on whether to have my life be run by and/or to pay alot of heed to excess signals from "dumb and dumberer" - or run it without fear, using the greatest gift of evolution of all, the frontal neocortex that has the power to reason and give direct nurturing to oneself and others.  (See the write ups on the Mind, where the first one was the reptile brain ["dumberer", "Lizard Brain"] and the next could do a lot of slightly more complex computer combinations ["dumb", "Monkey Mind"].)   Will you allow dumb and dumberer to ruin the quality of your life?  Will you actually believe them, which is the equivalent to believing what a well-meaning fool says?

Perhaps, I could choose to live knowing I am safe and that there is very, very little to fear, as in the poem to the right "The Poem of Safety". 

I "get" that this is vital to my life's foundation and something that I must "complete" - and not let it diminish my experience of life!!!!  I choose to do whatever it takes to make this happen, as my biggest priority in life, above all others, to remove the barriers I create from fear and the fears of fears that I create, so that I might create the life that I truly love and live its full potential - not as perfect, mistake free human being, but as one who can truly create a life that is filled with great experiences, full self expression, and happiness.

Alfred E. Neumann, the character in Madd Magazine, was right:

   "What, Me Worry?"

Followed by Forrest Gump:

   "Sh-- Happens."
   "Life is a box of chocolates, and you never know what you'll get"

And all of that is more than ok, as we at least have been gifted that box of chocolates - besides the most powerful computer in the universe and, among all living things, the most powerful ability to experience life .  

Not bad!!!

I am safe.

Safe from dying,
Except for once.

Safe til then...,
And, then, I am dead.
Thereafter, forever,
There is then no danger.

Except for one moment in time,
I am always safe

I choose,
To just focus on
What I can do something about:

  Enriching my life
  And living the hell out of it,
  While I am given
  This wonderful opportunity,
  In the time gifted to me.

I am blessed.

The Buddha said:
Pain is inevitable,
But suffering is optional.

And 'suffering about suffering'
Is even more optional.

Pain and discomfort
Come as signals
Of "Potential Danger".

They are just "signals",
Wondrously built in to protect me,
That I might survive.

All I can do
Is look
And "see"
What is there,
Evaluate it for reality,
Then choose
To do what is needed.

I "know" things will happen.
That is just what is so.
But i need not worry about them,
Especially if I've done all I can.

Discomfort will happen.
I look and just "see" it
And "feel" it,
Via my body.
But I know it as nothing other
  than a signal,
So I don't add to it,
Or regret it,
For it is just life.
And I get nowhere
By wishing it were otherwise.
It just is what is so.

Besides heeding the signal,
What I can do
Is be grateful for all I have,
For without all that,
I would have no basis
For getting such discomfort
Which, overall, serve me.

Discomfort happens,
And it is nothing to fear.
Accept it,
Choose an action,
And then put everything you can Into directing it
To maximize
Living it fully,
Enriching it wondrously,
Filling it up with
The wonderful things we have
Unique access to as humans.

We are blessed.
There is no need to suffer,
Only to enhance
And experienced
And be grateful.